Management and control for a safety chemistry

The storage and processing of raw materials and finished products, considered toxic and / or dangerous for the environment, and in particular the presence inside the plant of a storage deposit of Formic Acid (max capacity of 300Mt) has subjected the entire activity of CHIME to the provisions of Legislative Decree 105/2015.

n particular, CHIME’s industrial site in Solofra match within the scope of the "SEVESO" legislation as a "upper-tier plant" and therefore, according to art. 15 of the decree, the related Safety Report has been prepared in accordance with the procedures set out in Annex C of Legislative Decree 105/2015.


Chime has adopted a Safety Management System (SMS) for the prevention of the risks of major accidents. A Safety Manual and Management and Operational Procedures have been developed with the methods of safe management of warehouse areas and of the connected plants, all aimed to limitate damages and reduce the risks of incidents, with a consequent on the territorial safety and environmental sustainability.