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Producer and distributor of chemical products for various industries
Distributor of Stahl Europe BV
Manufacturer and retailer of chemicals for leather

Where chemistry is, we are!

CHIME SPA was founded in year 1983 by Toscano’s family and it operates in the production and distribution of chemical products, with particular target to the leather industry. Since year 2017 it became the authorized distributor of chemical products for leather of the Dutch corporate Stahl Europe BV and operates throughout the Italian territory through its branches located in the main Italian tanning districts.

The distribution of products of Stahl Europe BV is sided by the production of both liquid and powder products under CHIME’s brand, thanks to the huge experience developed over the years and which completes the wide range of products deriving from the distribution activity.

The business development strategies aimed to expand and diversify the commercial offer have led to the creation of a product portfolio that embraces various industrial sectors, such as Food, Wine, Nutraceuticals, Industrial Chemistry, Detergents and Cosmetics.

The wide developed technical and commercial organization, increased by a avant-garde research and development structure, a chemical and physical analysis laboratory and a wide organized logistics allow CHIME to meet the needs of its customers, assuring the offer of quality products and just in time services.

A choice for every need

By keeping its "core business" in the chemical tanning sector, CHIME has been able to enhance the skills developed by bringing them to the service of other production activities, expanding and diversifying the commercial offer with the aim to guarantee a portfolio of products that could cover the needs of any industrial sector.


A quality brend in the hearts of customers

CHIME has built its "corporate mission" on the quality of the products and services offered, by placing Customer Satisfaction as its primary target for a constant growth in the various sectors of industrial chemistry. The professional behavior and the competence of its human resources make CHIME a reliable partner for its customers.

Chime in Italy

Where you need us… we are!

CHIME operates through individual distribution units located in Campania, Tuscany, Veneto and Lombardy counties in Italy, each one equipped with logistics, application laboratories and specialized staff able to reply to customers with technical and commercial assistance and a fast delivery service.