Organization, management and flexibility for customers’ satisfaction

The logistics service in CHIME is the company's ability to adapt its logistical delivery methods to the customer's needs, identifying the expressed and unexpressed needs, anticipating their requests and guaranteeing the customer a set of services that accompany the product even after the sale.

The distribution of the products is based on 5 logistic units located in Italy that allow to reach customers in a widespread and fast way, facilitating the customer with a view to managing their supplies "just in time".


The careful planning of procurement guarantees constant product availability and rapid supply to all branches and for all types of customers.

In addition to the products supplied from the warehouse, CHIME also operates with direct deliveries to the customer, so as to provide a support service in search of the best sources of supply, the most competitive prices, also managing import, export and customs practices, thanks to its strong thirty years of operational experience.

Customer satisfaction leads the company to enhance all elements of the logistics process, timeliness, reliability and compliance with delivery times, through the complete management of administrative procedures related to the sale.

The availability of the products, the digital management and the delivery carried out on their own or through affiliated shippers, guarantee a punctual and efficient service.