An important role in the production and preservation of food

Chemistry provides the agri-food chain with fundamental help in terms of innovation, improvement and greater availability of production, supply of safe and controlled raw materials, respect for the environment and sustainability.

Chemistry is a reliable partner in terms of the environment, safety and health. We all must look to the future and not be conditioned by the past and by clichés. To overcome them, it is necessary to understand that the food we eat is safe: safe because it is guaranteed by science, safe because it is protected by regulations and controls, safe for the commitment of companies throughout the food chain.

The experience gained in the knowledge of the reference markets allows CHIME to identify the most experienced producers and suppliers of quality ingredients on the world market, establishing stable and mutually satisfying business relationships with the same.

All our products comply with European regulations and food regulations and the distribution chain is regulated by HACCP regulations.


The broad portfolio of products offered, the constant search for selected and competitive sources, the wide availability of products stored in warehouses, the development and formulation of customized products, all guarantee the satisfaction of all customer needs.

Our list of products is constantly evolving, also thanks to the collaboration of our suppliers, to always get the best and most innovative solutions available on the market. Contact our team also for products not listed on our site.

For information on the range of products in the sector, you can fill out the information request form in the appropriate "contacts" section.