Technical Assistance

A team for each need

CHIME operates through individual distribution units located in Campania, Tuscany, Veneto and Lombardy, each one equipped with logistic structures, specialized personnel, application laboratories and capable of guaranteeing a product delivery service and rapid and effective technical and commercial assistance for all reference sectors.

A team of specialized technicians, as support to the customers, guarantees technical and application solutions in accordance with the lowest environmental impact, providing assistance to customers, even in the production phase, up to the chemical-physical control of the finished product thanks to the support of its own laboratory quality check.


The specific know-how of the technicians is sided by the skills and professionalism of an international trading organization, aimed to provide an increasingly complete portfolio of products in the various chemical sectors.

The synergy between technical and commercial staff operating in the various chemical sectors, produced a fruitful exchange of experiences that guarantees the best use of the consistent technical and commercial know-how put to the service of the whole organization.