Leather, a product of natural expression of the art and quality of the Italian craft industry


The recovery of a by-product of the food industry and the transformation into a product with a very high added value for the fashion, furniture and automotive industries are the concrete contribution of the tanning sector to the sustainable development of the industry as a historical example of circular economy.

The chemical products developed for the tanning sector represent the necessary vehicle for this transformation through sustainable technological innovations to guarantee the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations.

In addition to the distribution of the Dutch multinational Stahl Europe BV, world leader in the industry with a portfolio of over 4,000 products available to its partners, CHIME has added a production of liquid and powder chemical products under its own brand, the result of the technical experience gained over the years.

The technical assistance service, located in the main Italian tanning districts, allows us to offer to the customers the best choice in terms of product quality and technical-application solutions on all types of leather, by covering, with its own technical skills, all sectors of reference, from clothing to footwear, from leather goods to furniture and car interiors.


The stylistic refinement of fashion and luxury, the high performance of furniture and the most important car manufacturers find in CHIME the right answers in terms of product and technical service.

The support of an innovative and state-of-the-art laboratory, both for chemical analyses and physical tests on leathers, complete the punctual and efficient service that entrusts its R&D and Product Safety staff with the task of keeping high quanlity standards required by the specifications of the brands and in compliance with national and international regulations.
A careful and selective choice of suppliers allows CHIME to offer its customers a range of controlled and certified products in all phases of the production cycle of tanning processes. From basic chemical products to the beamhouse, from the wet phase to the finishing, the portfolio CHIME products is able to give the right answer.

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