Research and Development

Research for us is business development

CHIME has an innovative analysis laboratory, in which professionals with high know-how experience collaborate, which guarantees the highest level of quality and reliability of the analytical data.

The laboratory, located in Solofra has a modern plant equipment that allows to extend its activity in the tanning sector, through specific chemical-physical analyzes and tests for the sector, and in the environmental field with analyzes on food, soil, waste, water and industrial hygiene.


The laboratory, part of Chime’s group, thanks to the skills and the experience acquired, is able to provide consultancy for the construction of water purification and treatment plants as well as for the practices and procedures for characterizing contaminated sites by providing registration in the Register of Environmental Managers for categories 8 and 9.

The activity of the laboratory is functional to the company's commitment in research and development activities related to process and product innovations, which together with its industrial and academic partners, see CHIME engaged in the development of new technologies based on a lower environmental impact of the tanning process and addressed to new possible uses in various industrial sectors.