Natural products

The natural richness for the daily wellness

Natural products such as organic chemical compounds have always fascinated chemists who throughout history have turned to nature for pharma or nutritional help. With the development of biochemistry, in the twentieth century, we could understand the role many natural products play in the life. The extraction and isolation techniques now allow these substances to be used in a complete state.

Carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, fatty acids, citric acid, maleic acid and many other natural substances play an important role in metabolism, contributing to our daily well-being.

CHIME operates as an importer and distributor of products of 100% natural origin, such as dry extracts, juices and oils of natural origin, proteins of animal and vegetable origin, not chemically modified. These products are used as ingredients in the food, beverage, cosmetics and animal feed industries.

Our suppliers are selected on the basis of compliance with quality and environmental sustainability parameters. The extraction procedures are innovative and keep the nature and properties of the raw material intact to provide a quality product and as concentrated as possible.
CHIME also works with manufacturers in order to provide the customer with customized products based on use, concentration, extraction methods, packaging.


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