An essential contribution to the health and well-being of farmed animals

In recent years, the feed industry has received great attention and quality expectations are high. Ensuring the health and welfare of farmed animals means preserving and protecting the food chain at various levels and in the form of different products.

Chemical substances, products and raw materials are subject to European regulations without equal worldwide and in Italy they often find even more restrictive applications and even stricter controls. Safety is first of all a value of industry and link suppliers to their users, that means chemical companies with agricultural and food companies.

CHIME operates in the marketing and distribution of feed additives (vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants) for companies producing mixtures in the feed sector. It is able to respond to the different needs of the market and offer the guarantee of being able to count on quality products in compliance with current regulations.


Our products come from certified producers (ISO 9001, FAMI QS, etc) and CHIME is recognized as an operator pursuant to Reg. (CE) n. 183/2015.


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