Our marketing to the service of the customer

The technical-commercial staff of CHIME brings to the service of customers its marketing know-how in order to identify the most suitable product for the customer and its uses, not limited to the simple action of sales or promotion.

The company aims to create added value throughout the whole chain, to the brands and the products / services offered through a process aimed to identify the needs of the customers and to satisfy each single customer.


To clearly and comprehensively illustrate the characteristics of the products, their functionality, their application and performance, the technical-commercial staff of CHIME transmits to its customers a complete offer, not limited only to price and technical specs.

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the product specifications and its correct application, the technical-commercial service offers support throughout the whole sales process: from the analysis of the needs to the solution proposal, from the preparation of the offer to the management of the order, up to product delivery and after-sales assistance.