The industrial reality that lead all our history

In the heart of the Campania’s tanning district, which has always been specialized in sheep and goat skins for the production of leather clothing, gloves and footwear, Solofra’s branch is the main headquarter of CHIME, the administrative, logistical and production heart of the company serving of its branches in Italy.

The production and storage capacity, the analysis and R&D laboratory, the specialized technical service are the strengths of its organization which sees in the almost 1,000 square meters of the "experimental tannery" the real support for the research and development of innovative and sustainable items. With a production capacity of about 15,000 hides per month, is able to supply its customers with samples of semi-industrial productions in order to guarantee repeatability and consistency of the items proposed and which will go into production in the client's tanneries.


The warehouses for packaged goods and the storage silos for bulk products make the Campanian branch of Solofra the main logistics center of CHIME not only for the Italian market, but also for the foreign one.