A new challenge for business development

With its specific commercial and strategic skilled staff, Magenta’s branch is dedicated to national and foreign market of chemical products for the Food, Wine, Nutraceutical, Natural Products, Detergent, Water Treatment and Industrial Chemistry industries in general, which represent the expansion and diversification of the market that CHIME has successfully launched since 2015.

The knowledge of different markets and of the management rules of international practices, guarantee the match of the best strategic choices on the markets of the various chemical sectors.


The branch manages import and export business relationships with Italian and foreign suppliers and customers, thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired over the years in the specific chemical sectors.

We guarantee availability and fast supply of the products through the logistics structures of CHIME on the national territory and in close collaboration with suppliers of logistics and storage services. All our structures are equipped with adequate spaces and with the necessary authorizations according to the reference regulations for the different treated products (i.e. HACCP certifications for the storage of products for the food industry).